240 MW projects in progress 459 MW projects completed
11 years experience 541 expert opinions
21 PMO projects 18 counties

With us your investment will gain wind in its sails

Do you know why investors and clients trust us
execution of your projects and contracts?

Here are the 6 top reasons


We are one of only a few PMOs to act as both developer and investor.

As a result we have both a wider range of experience and a broader view of the whole investment than our competitors, which has a direct impact on the quality of our services and our work with the investor.



We are specialists in our fields

Renpro is a team of professionals with experience in a wide range of businesses, from town and country planning and engineering to project management. You can be sure that your projects will be managed professionally at every stage.


We work with the best


We work for the biggest


Experience and skills

As an expert team, we specialize in issues related to the distribution and trading of energy and investment processes in the field of renewable energy installations.