PMO - Project Management Office

A PMO is a modern system of project management which has been used successfully worldwide. The idea behind it is that, by conferring responsibility and coordination for an investment to just one group of managers who, on the one hand supervise the investment and on the other ensure it meets the objectives of the investor, the project will be delivered successfully.

Benefits for investors

  • Certainty that each stage of the project is going as planned;
  • our Guarantee that the project will be delivered on time and on budget;
  • Access to information on progress - regular reporting;
  • Bypassing numerous obstacles that occur in any given market.

Why us?

Since we work both as a developer and investor, we have a wider range of experience and a broader view of the whole investment than our competitors, which translates directly into the quality of our services and our relationships with investors.

What do we do?

Our role as project managers is to lead your investment at every stage, from drawing up its initial concept to final delivery. We can also carry out individual stages of an investment or come in at any stage of a project.

Standard stages of the project